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Sons of the Forest Mega Release

Sons of the Forest by Endnight Games released into Early Access today, its popularity on launch crashing Steam before a few hours later surpassing 200,000 concurrent players. This was in the middle of the day in the USA, with this trajectory it is looking to be a huge release day!

Here at Kpow Audio we had to extend our team in order to populate this new world with sound. We had a huge amount of help from the amazing people at Sub-Zero Sound sound, thanks so much Matt Schenkel and Dan Penpraze. We also had additional support from Scott Boyd and Sabrina Rogers who provided top sounds and were wonderful to work with.

Most of the monster designs in Sons of the Forest were again designed by our own genius sound designer Peret Von Sturmer, and we had the pleasure of working with Lani Minella at AudioGodz Inc on the Demon voice. Lani is amazing and we look forward to working with her again. Thanks also to Kevin J Powe of Tavern of Voices who provided voice over assistance.

This game was a special project to work on. The team is filled with only the best people who are always a pleasure to work with. We're so proud to have been able to shape and guide the audio development on this title and look forward to where we can take it as we go on this Early Access journey!


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