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User Interface Soundpacks

In an effort to provide sound designers with sounds that save time, the User Interface Collection contains soundpacks of User Interface sounds designed to work together to create a cohesive User Interface experience.



You get 1,074 individual sounds, in 14 separate soundpacks containing variations on all the sounds.  Included are all commonly required sounds needed for a comprehensive UI experience. Each pack contains multiple types of the following style of sounds:


  • Select

  • Enter

  • Scroll

  • Back

  • Error



These are than provided with subtle variations of these sounds. For example soundpack 14 includes eight different “error” type sounds, each with 2-4 audio samples of subtle variation for repeatability.



We worked hard to make this collection as easy to use, thorough, and easy to navigate as possible. To that end all but the individual samples have been had precise, searchable metadata added.



You get all three of the following folders with your purchase:

“Individual Samples”

Contains each soundpack in its own folder, with all their audio files inside



“UI Separate Soundpacks”

Includes a folder full of all the UI sounds rendered into samples of their subtle variations. For example the audio files would look like this:






The final folder contains each UI soundpack rendered into a long audio file. This version is great if you don’t wish to be lead as to the use of the sounds, and would prefer to listen and make your own mind up. You still get a bunch of like sounds in each file, but none of the baggage associate with the naming scheme.


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