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Kpow Sound - Game Dev Audio

Kpow Audio Demo Reels



This reel showcases our music for games compositions.

It focuses on a few of our recent children's games, and a piece we created in L.A. Noire for the tailing mini-game when on foot.




This reel focuses on examples of our weapon design, vocalizations and armour/damage audio design.



This encompasses semi automatic weapons, pistols, shotguns; brawling punches, blocks and Foley.

Physics Based Audio Design


Kpow Audio Demo Reel showcasing sounds we created that use underlying physics systems.

For these systems we used parameters such as speed and force to alter the volume and pitch of various samples to give us a massive amount of variation in the bumps, hits and scrapes of various objects. This included metal, cars (different to metal objects as you will see), wood, and paper.


The systems could detect differences between rolling and bumping/hitting and sliding, and we could adjust the threshold of the various impacts. As you will see it gave us a good amount of variation in the realism of the sounds, from small bumps and scrapes, to massive chassis weakening impacts.

Footsteps and Foley


Kpow Audio Demo Reel demonstrating our Footstep & Foley audio designs.


This reel looks mainly at our work in L.A. Noire, as its sprawling world and high speed foot chases required a huge variation in footstep and Foley sounds. We had footsteps for multiple surface types, plus jumps offs, jump landings, scuffs, climbing a variety of objects. Weapon Foley, sitting Foley, variations for stairs. Variations between walking and running. It was an intricate and complex system created which you will get a taste of in this reel.

Ambient Audio


This reel contains the background ambient audio from locations in games we have worked on. A huge variety of locations from The Banner Saga and L.A. Noire.


Audio Stingers


This reel showcases short stingers created for events in games for which we have worked. Stingers are unique in that they need to be instantly identifiable, and so usually only one in game version is created of each sting. Because its the same sound played every time, players recognize it's sound. This means the design of stingers needs careful attention. It must not be fatiguing or annoying in any way, but must also be audible and have some relationship with the game world, be it diagetic, or on theme.

User Interface Audio Designs


This reel focuses on our User Interface Sound Designs from a number of games, and demonstrates our versatility in creating unique and specific audio designs.


Small Sounds


This reel contains small clue sounds from LA Noire. There were over a hundred clues with audio, this is a very small selection.


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