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​​Sound Design


This is our main focus, our specialty.  When we tackle a sound design project, we begin by mapping out the big picture, and work to get an overall concept finalized.  This forms our blueprint for the project.  We then get to work creating assets, setting up events, and tuning all elements.

Sound Design is our strength, no matter the medium, we deliver results that strengthen, reinforce, tie together and enhance your final product.​

Music Composition

When you need something a little bit special, that perfect fit.  Not grandstanding, not shouting "listen to me!" but a score that is used for dramatic or thematic effect, we deliver.  AS we provide sound and music, you can be assured the music we deliver will work in harmony with the sound world of your production.  It will not be another distinct layer that draws attention to itself, unless of course, that is your aim. 


We use score to heighten drama, emotion, mood and atmosphere.  This is as much about where not to place it as it is as about when and how it plays.

Linear Soundtracks


We can take your trailers, stingers, short promos or Kickstarter videos to the next level of polish.


We love taking on the design and implementation of the sound for cutscenes and cinematics, ensuring they match your in-game sound. 


We relish the opportunity to work on short films, feature film sound editing and management of the post production schedule.


We can handle everything from mono to 7.1 surround, and love the creative possibilities these formats offer.

Game Audio Implementation​

We handle all aspects of the implementation of the audio for your game.  We know Fmod intimately, have a working knowledge of Wwise, and understand the need for proprietary audio tools, quickly familiarizing ourselves with their functionality.

Depending on whether there are dedicated in-house audio personnel for implementation, or all audio is to be contracted out, we can handle the level of implementation you require.​

Game Music Implementation​

Having music delivered is only the beginning of the process of adding a score to your game.  Once it has been delivered, it will most likely need to have the loop points either created or tweaked.  Once the individual clips have been tweaked and categorized, a dynamic music delivery system will need to be created.  This will ensure intro clips are played at the correct time, body loops are then segued into, and outro loops play when appropriate, or other music is cross-faded into (such as adventure music into fight music etc).

Of course this is a very simplistic explanation, and we hope to do something way cooler and more seamlessly immersive for your game.

Sound Effects:
Recording and Editing

When something unique is required, recording sessions are organized.  Sometimes we slice fruit, destroy light bulbs, tension wire performing scrapes and hits.  Other times it is a simple Foley record;  footsteps, scuffs, material such as leather, metal and cloth work.

Often field recording outings are needed, to get a certain sound bed for a layer of an atmosphere, or to source sounds only found in strange locations.  Although this is labor intensive, it often is the only way to get elements that fit perfectly.

Doing the above work ensures your project is unique, stands out from the crowd, and most importantly, contains sounds that are perfect for the scenario in which they are to be used.

And etc​ 

If you have something outlandish, something interesting, curious, art based, theoretical, thought-provoking - any audio requirement - for ANYTHING, we would love to hear about it. 


We are incredibly keen to take on varied projects, and confident we can bring something new that would enhance your project in a way you will love.

Kpow Audio: Sound Design for Games Notes Right
Kpow Audio: Sound Design for Games Notes Right
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