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Toots & Squeaks

Slide Whistles, Plastic Whistles, Squeeze Toys, Horns and Party Blowers



  • 581 broadcast wave files

  • All at 24 bit, 96kHz

  • 4.81 gigabytes uncompressed  of audio data

  • Most takes include stereo, mono and distant microphone perspectives

  • Metadata carefully added to each audio file ready for efficient searching



This library consists of hundreds of performances of toy whistles, clown and bicycle horns, slide whistles, melody pops, party blowers and squeeze toys.



Perfect for highlights, punctuations and embellishments for comic or cartoon entertainment. Just about any media needing and injection of fun will benefit from something in this collection.



All recorded in a thoroughly treated recording studio, using quality microphones and recording equipment, the material in this library is ready for immediate inclusion in your sound designs.

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