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The Banner Saga 2 Releases Today!

Over a year of audio work, with three months of head down focus, and it has released. This chapter in The Banner Saga story is more of everything. More story, more sound, more beautiful art.

We collaborated with Austin Wintory on the score, and got to make more killer sounds and beautiful atmospheric audio.

We were let loose, given the freedom to flesh out the sonic world in more detail this time around. We made sure more of the mid journey story moments had mini radio play descriptive sounds behind the text. We got to design additional creature and character sounds - these ones are twisted, so this was a lot of fun. And the unique locations required attention, so we added to our generative audio systems making use of Fmod's tools to flesh these out. And last but not least, you'll hear some EPIC cinematics!

The positive review are already rolling in and we are hugely looking forward to hearing more reactions from all who play the game.

It is currently available on Steam, and will be coming to consoles soon and iOS devices after that

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