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Halo Infinite

Halo is one of those cornerstone games. A game against which all multiplayer shooters were compared. Its a benchmark game franchise, and getting the call to help flesh out its sonic universe through some aural vignettes has been one of our proudest moments in the history of Kpow.

We helped put together the Memory Cores scattered throughout the game. It was truly an honor to be working amongst such esteemed talented people - the craft and artistry at this level is inspiring to be around.

Thanks to 343 Industries and especially Kyle for encouraging us to be the best we can be, and to Sam of Sweet Justice Sound for trusting us with this important aspect of the Halo Infinite universe!

We first explored the techniques used for our contribution to Halo Infinite when creating the Blackbox Recordings for Fictional Games' SOMA. We expanded these techniques further when we created the audio pickups in Mirrors Edge Catalyst. The main elements we focus on for these pieces is getting a varied interaction between the disseminating technologies of the communications, and the different sound of the spaces the characters are in at the time of their communications. For example a small room, into a personal recording device on a desktop, with a character pacing around vs an in helmet microphone as relaying intelligence as they go into battle. The technology they are using and the space they are in and their movement within it conveys so much of the story and we worked hard sophistication and strengthen the narrative with these elements.

The sophistication with which we pulled this off I believe is some of our finest work. We are very much looking forward to hearing how the players respond to these in game vignettes. The audio team at 343 Industries are some of the best in the business and pushed us to some stunning results. They are a hugely talented team with high expectations and we loved collaborating with them.


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