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Skateboard Record Session

We have the pleasure of working on a new game featuring skating called Touch Skate, so naturally we will need some quality raw material with which to create awesome skate sound effects. We decided the best option would be to record them ourselves.

We met up in Sydney for the recordings, and did two recording sessions. The first session was late at night, when the traffic was quieter and there were no other skaters around to make sound over our recordings. Despite the wind we managed to get some great recordings, and got home tired but pleased with the nights results. Some beer and sleep and sausage and egg breakfast later and we were back out again the following day, this time to the middle of a large park where we could get away from traffic. This session got us most of the remaing required sounds before the batteries gave out. With some sweeteners and Foley recordings to go, we should have us a comprehensive amount of skateboard sounds.

Its a hard life! Sun, microphones, recording gear and skating. Sheesh. But someone's gotta do it.

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