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'The Forest' Open World Survival Game

TheForest_Logo copy.png

We are incredibly excited to be working with the team at Endnight Games on their open world survival horror game 'The Forest'. The game takes place on an island with a functioning eco-system and offers huge potential to enhance the game's immersion through audio.

Bringing this world to life is proving to be incredibly rewarding already. We are going totally realistic with most aspects of the audio so players can feel totally engaged with the world. We are working on creating a dynamic and generative ambient audio system that takes into account wind, rain, surf and time of day to give an ever evolving bed on which to sit its brutal world.

The fauna of the world also plays a part, giving food, warning of dangers or providing supplies. We are using their own flight or fight instincts to provide auditory signal that the player can use to further their survivability.

EndnightLogo copy.png

We are incredibly honored to be a part of this game. The team is a tight knit, focused and talented bunch of people and we hope we can do their vision justice.

Take a look below at the game in action


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