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LA Noire VR Case Files

Our studio was started from the ashes of Team Bondi as our founding members were the sound team there. Team Bondi created the original LA Noire with Rockstars help, so it was a very interesting experience having the opportunity to take the deep dive back in to the original world of LA Noire and polish it up for VR.

The sound by and large stood the test of time. We had the opportunity to provide a lot of polish however, and are very proud with the results, which will trickle out to Switch and the other release platforms.

We also had the opportunity to record a number of new sounds for the increase in sophistication that the new props handling systems brought to the game. Being a VR title, many objects can now be interacted with in a fairly realistic fashion, meaning props need much more variation to their sound. This required a mammoth amount of recording of new pickup and putdown sounds, over 2000 in fact. And once these were recorded they needed to be edited and exported. Using Reaper DAW turned into a huge time-saver for this process. We utilized many shortcuts and actions that sped up the cutting and exporting of these files.

Having Rockstar trust us to dive back in and provide the world class audio to them, for which they are accustomed, was a huge vote of confidence for our little studio.

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